Guided City Tour Freiburg (English) - Open City Walk
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Guided City Tour Freiburg (English) - Open City Walk

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Freiburg Kultour is the largest provider of guided Freiburg City tours. As such we are offering open guided tours. During your Guided Freiburg City Tour your competent guides will discover with you the famous Old Town of Freiburg. Your guided City walk will of course take you through the narrow lanes of Freiburg, which tell you the story of 900 years of history. Enjoy the “Bächle”, the famous creeks, which run through the City. By the end of your tour you will recognise the different groups who have influenced modern Freiburg: the Habsburger, the French and of course the rulers of Baden. Your guides will interject the great history of Freiburg with stories and anecdotes.
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