The Gentlemen's Agreement
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The Gentlemen

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60´s Garage Freakbeat Psychedelia French Freakbeat-Hammond-Mod-sensation THE GENTLEMEN´S AGREEMENTS bring you their spectacular and mindblowing debut album ´Understanding´... and it is a true hitrecord indeed! These French lads have already proven themselves worthy with their fantastic first 7´ ´All Good Things´, if not at the Soundflat Records Ballroom Bash with their amazingly powerful live-show, and now we can celebrate the birth of their very first LP! This album includes twelve tracks, twelve of which will make you dance and shake to over and over again! If it is brilliant covers of cool classics from the 60´s, such as ´One Fine Day´, ´Calamity Jane´ or ´Swim´, new and groovy interpretations of the members´ other bands like PENELOPE´s ´Eden Rose´ or TOWERBROWN´s ´I Wanna Know´ or even their own compositions like ´Here Are The GA´ and ´I´m On Pills´ - these boys just get everything right! Their trademarks are roaring hammond sounds, groovy beats, heavy fuzz- and distortion guitars, cool bass riffs, and last but not least great, blue-eyed soulvocals by charismatic and energetic singer Lord Barnaby ´Street´ Weissm\´fcller. ´Understanding!´ is the wonderful result of a friendship-fun-project between talented musicians and members of some of the best French bands of today´s 60s-Garage-Rock scene (TOWERBROWN, SHEETAH ET LES WEISSM\´dcLLER, HAWAII MEN, PENELOPE) that became this great new Mod-band called THE GENTLEMEN´S AGREEMENTS. A furious debut through and through!
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